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Buying A New Boat?

One of the best  joys in life is the ability to reward ourselves rom time to time.
Just imagine how great it would feel to spend a lazy summer day on one of the local rivers in your new powerboat. Or maybe you would prefer to take a weekend sailing trip on your new sailboat. No matter what your boat dreams are, your perfect new boat is out there.

Boat is a big decision and it requires a lot of thought and planning. How should you go about buying a new boat? The entire process is not actually that difficult if you plan thoroughly and investigate all of your options. Below we have compiled our best tips to making your boat buying experience as simple as possible:
What type of boat are you looking for?
Before you can buy a boat, you need to decide what type of boat you want. The type of boat that you want will be determined by what you will do with the boat. Do you plan to use the boat for fishing? Do you just want to cruise up and down the local waterways or are you seeking something with speed and power, perhaps for watersports? There are staple boats that fit into three of those key areas. If you're looking for a boat simply for cruising you may consider getting a deck boat, an express cruiser or a trawler. For fishing, you might want to look into a centre console, a jon boat or a bass boat and for watersports you should do your research on jet boats, ski boats and inflatables.
Before you do anything else, decide on the type of boat you want. 
Research the different types of boats available to you
Now that you have settled on a type, you can narrow it down to a size and a manufacturer. The internet can make it easy to research all types of boats. You can also browse our homepage for some intial ideas. You can look at different sizes, different types and every manufacturer’s offerings from the comfort of your home. A few hours searching terms like “best sailboat” or “best powerboat” will provide tons of information. You can read the reviews of boats and get some detailed information from people that currently own certain models and types. 
If you would prefer to see the boats up close, try a local boat show. You would be surprised how many people actually purchase a boat at a show. When you're at the show, you can check out all of the different types of boats in person. Get on them, take some pictures and get the feel of the boat. You can talk to a manufacturer’s rep to learn more about all of the options available. In one afternoon, you can have fun and get your research done at the same time. 
Establish the size you're after
One of the most important considerations is, of course, the size of the boat you're looking to purchase. Consider where you will store the boat and exactly what features you need. Generally, the larger the boat, the more add ons, such as kitchens and totilets. The bigger you go, generally the more there is to understand and the more they cost to operate. There are pro's and con's to both, but it's important to establish early on what you're looking for in your dream boat in terms of size and features. 
Finally, settle on a price
Some people say that you should decide how much you are going to spend first. But how will you know what to spend before you see what is available? After you have seen all of your options, figure out the most that you are prepared to spend. Will it be all cash or will you need a boat loan? Knowing if you will need a loan beforehand can give you time to compare all important loan rates so you don't get caught out and sign up for a poor deal. 
Now that you are armed with all of the available information, you should have no problem finding the boat of your dreams. Be sure to do your research using our site, you can filter by size, manufacturer and price to see exactly what's available in your area!
Good luck!
photo credit: IMG_2577 via photopin (license)