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Why We Love Chaparral Boats

Whether you're looking for a modest 17' sports boat to cruise around in at the weekends, or even a 40' yacht for holidays and entertaining, Chaparral is certainly one manufacturer you should consider.
Let us tell you why they're one of our favorites...
Chaparral are undeniably a powerhouse in the marine industry and have accrued a vast volume of sales and subsequently a solid reputation over their long reign in the competitive industry. Not only do they create high quality boats to suit a wide range of purposes, they execute a 'value oriented' pricing model, ensuring that their buyers are getting a real sense of value from their often weighty purchase. 
As a brand, Chaparral are known the world over. Many boating enthusiasts are in agreement that a good boat would usually be determined by its performance, its efficiency and its attention to detail. Those that have bought a Chaparrel from our site have quite simply said that they had confidence in all 3, when they purchased a boat with that little Chaparral badge.
The center of the manufacturer's entire operation is based in Nashville, Georgia. The company rigorously test, approve and manage every boat they make, under the same guidelines they have been using and improving for years. Despite being purchased by another company - RPC Energy Services, just over 20 years ago, William Pegg - the founder of Chaparral has had a steady hand in ensuring it's run just the way he intended when he first started the company back in 1965.
If you're seriously considering buying a Chaparral boat, we'd recommend you view as many models as you can so that you're confident you're getting the model that's best suited to your needs. They are great for all recreational activities, but most notably water sports and fishing. However, they're of course great for cruising too. 
If you're thinking of buying a new boat but are mindful of cost, Chaparral do offer more reasonably priced models such as the H20 speed boat, which helps to expand their appeal to more of the market.
However, if you're looking for luxury and speed combined, be sure to check out one of our favorites, the Premiere 420.
Most importantly, consider that used boats tend to lose a staggering 30 - 40% of their value generally in the first 3-5 years of their life. Subsequently, it's certainly worth considering buying a model which is a few years old. 
You can still be sure of the quality of the build with a Chaparral, but it's important to determine whether the boat has been well maintained by its previous owner/s, and that the engine hasn't done too many miles. If not, then you may well just get yourself a bargain boat, made by a quality manufacturer. 

photo credit: Yellow Ski Boat via photopin (license)