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Ice Fishing- Catching & Safety Tips

Ice fishing is great fun!


What could possibly be better than spending a calm, crisp day outdoors with your lines in the water, waiting for that big catch?


It's not all fun and games however & ice fishing can be very dangerous. If you’re planning on going ice fishing any time soon, wherever that may be in the world, we've kindly put together a few basic safety tips you should bear in mind at all times, to ensure you have nothing but a great trip!




1) Be cautious on the ice


Be extremely cautious when you’re walking on the ice. Thickness of a sheet of ice can vary at different points in the lake. To avoid danger, always test the ice before you head out onto it and avoid areas where there would normally be flowing water, as the ice is likely to be much thinner in these places. You can easily check the ice with an auger, some measuring tape or even a stick. As a rule of thumb, the ice should be a minimum of 3 inches to be okay to walk on and 7 inches to drive on.


2) Take a partner


Where possible, always try and go ice fishing with a partner. If anything were to happen, an additional person might mean the difference between life and death.


3) Let people know you're ice fishing


Let others know where you’re fishing and what time you will be home. Let them know what to do if they can’t reach you, and stick to your established plan. This too can be a life line in an emergency.


4) Wear layers & keep your clothing on


Wear lots of layers ice fishing as this is the best way to trap in layers of heat. You can also remove a layer if you get too hot. The bottom layer should aim to keep you dry-polypropylene material is best for this.

In case of immersion, keep your clothing on for insulation. Have a flotation device with you to help you stay on the surface, and keep your cell phone in a plastic bag to avoid it getting wet if possible.


5) Reach, throw, row, go


If someone else falls in, REACH (a nearby stick or fishing pole), THROW (a rope or flotation device into the water), ROW (row or push a boat to them), and finally GO (call for help, call the emeregency services if necessary).


If you follow these 5 basic tips, you should be safe on the ice when you’re fishing. The most important thing you can do is be prepared for an emergency.

Once you've mastered these safety tips, you're in for a treat and the fun can begin. We've shared with you here some of our personal tips for catching fish whilst ice fishing:


1) Be mobile

Don't stay in the same spot for too long. If you're not getting any bites at all, it may be for a reason. This depends of course on what fish you are targetting.

2) Know your gear

In terms of tackle and gear, ice fishing is developing at an alarming rate. Be sure to check out the latest advancements in technology and keep up to date on ice fishing information.

3) Be prepared

Make sure you have a few different rods, rigged up in various ways. You'll be glad you don't have to keep tying on various lures in the freezing cold.

4) Be mindful of others

Not only is it correct etiquette to fish a fair distance from others, you don't want to drill your hole too near to anyone else as your lines could become tangled and this can be a nightmare on ice, in cold weather. 

Please share any pictures you have from your ice fishing adventures on our facebook page.

Tight lines

photo credit: Winter fishing in Ugut via photopin (license)